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Some Ideas To Prepare A Gift For Your 42nd Anniversary

42nd anniversary

We recently got contacted to help a couple hold their 42nd anniversary in their newly built greenhouse, a gift for their real estate-themed anniversary. This idea may sound strange to some, but it was quite an apt theme for a celebration of more than four decades of marriage. If your union reaches the 42-year milestone […]

The Perfect Celebrating Plan for 48th Wedding Anniversary

48th wedding anniversary

Together for more than 17,000 days, sharing happy memories and wonderful times. It will not be superficial, even if it is simple, to commemorate this 48th wedding anniversary. It will, however, have to be thoughtful. It’s time to plan for the special day and surprise your significant other with joy. 48th Wedding Anniversary Flowers An […]

34th Wedding Anniversary – Love Shines Like Amber

34th wedding anniversary

How to celebrate your 34th wedding anniversary? On this special day, the spouses congratulate each other, present pleasant surprises, and friends and relatives give the beloved couple gifts with symbolic meaning.  The couple, despite everything, has managed to maintain warmth and love for each other for so many years. Here you will find some fascinating […]

47th Wedding Anniversary – Make Your Lover Surprised

47th wedding anniversary

Many people believe the number is a unique language that can bring more meaning in which words can not describe – an exciting thought to experience as you are celebrating your 47th wedding anniversary. 47 years of marriage marks a milestone in your life, you and your spouse have gone through ups and downs, sharing […]

46th Wedding Anniversary – How To Make Your Day Special

46th wedding anniversary

To every married couple, the 46th wedding anniversary is a special milestone on their life journey. Come rain or shine, it’s time to honor all the things that they have shared throughout the years. This occasion is a great chance for everyone to express their love to their significant other. Regardless of the value of […]

How To Make The 66th Wedding Anniversary Extra Memorable

66th Wedding Anniversary

The 66th wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion to celebrate two people’s love and telepathic harmony. Thus, congratulations on this great event are needed because only very special couples can have such a long and successful marriage. Whether celebrating this special occasion on a modest or grand scale, there are a few things you need […]