45th Wedding Anniversary – Wonderful Ideas & Gifts For Celebration

45th wedding anniversary

Congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary

You have been together for almost half of a century, and it’s such an amazing journey that every couple should admire. It is a significant milestone in your marriage life that you want to make a special celebration to show your love, devotion, and gratitude to your beloved. 

Let us make your expectations come true with our wonderful ideas and gifts to celebrate a memorable 45th wedding anniversary that you will never forget.

Facts About 45th Wedding Anniversary

45th Wedding Anniversary Name

The name or theme of the 45th wedding anniversary is sapphire – a symbol of heavens, a good health promoter, the guardian of innocence. 

For many years, people have believed in the good meanings that this precious milestone gives to wearers. It absorbs negative thoughts and energies to produce positivity. It brings calmness when you feel anxious, joy when you are sad, and inner peace when you are in a state of chaos. 

The name “sapphire,” in fact, is not an original name. It comes from the word “saphirus” in Latin or “sappheiros” in Greek, meaning blue. This gemstone features the deep blue color representing the deep love that couples share. 

45th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

The blue iris is the perfect choice for the 45th wedding anniversary flower, as it’s the featured traditional flower for this event. It’s the symbol of faith and hope. 

Like sapphire, the blue iris has a beautiful deep blue color that brings calmness and peace to anyone receiving it. A bouquet of the fresh blue iris is a must-have gift to make your spouse joyful and comfortable, while you might express your loyalty and belief to them. 

A blue iris
The blue iris is the symbol of faith and hope

However, if you don’t want blue iris for some reason, we have another option: a bouquet of mixed flowers that your spouse loves or the mixed flowers from previous anniversaries. Whichever the options, do with your full heart so that they will know your effort and appreciation. 

45th Wedding Anniversary Color

As the anniversary theme is sapphire, we use blue and red as the main color for this event. 

Sapphire, in fact, comes in a wide range of colors which mostly feature blue. The red color “sapphire” is called “ruby,” but ruby and sapphire are the same families, so we can use both colors. 

The blue color shows stability, depth, and peace, implying that you have been together with your deep love and tranquility for the past 45 years. The red color represents the passion, devotion, and eternal love you share in the present and future. 

45th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

A precious blue sapphire is the best option for the 45th wedding anniversary gemstone because of the good meanings we have mentioned above. It also symbolizes royalty, which makes it an excellent gemstone to promote and honor your special anniversary. 

Sapphire comes in a variety of colors – yellow, orange, purple, green, so you are free to choose if your lover doesn’t like blue. 

4 precious blue sapphires
A precious blue sapphire is the best option for the 45th wedding anniversary

In some countries, people use alexandrite gemstone for this occasion, which is equally beautiful, special, and precious as sapphire. This wonderful gemstone can change its color under different lights: bluish-green under daylight and red in the lamplight. It might be even rarer than sapphire as it’s only found in a few regions in the world. 

45th Anniversary Modern Gift

Both traditional and modern gifts for the 45th anniversary are sapphire. It’s all about this marvelous, valued gemstone. 

Accessories or jewelry with sapphire engagement is a great idea for modern gifts. They will not only make your spouse look gorgeous and royal but also show your honor and appreciation. 

45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas 

For Him


A luxurious watch is indispensable for a gentleman, and nothing is better than a precious stainless-steel watch made with sapphire glass as a gift for this anniversary.

Blue sapphire glass is suitable for the theme of anniversary. It doesn’t only bring a glossy, stunning look to this timepiece but also delivers the message of the true deep love you have been devoting to him. 


Do you remember the first time you tightened his necktie? Now it’s time to recall that lovely memory. 

Give him a new excellent necktie to remind him how much you care about him and how fondly you remember happy moments together. It must be a solid blue sapphire color because it’s the color of this anniversary. 

Bombay Sapphire Gin

It’s one of the biggest gin brands which produce the finest gin in the world. 

Bombay Sapphire Gin, their signature gin product, has a distinctive light blue bottle, features the ingredients that contain excellent hand-picked botanicals to serve the luscious taste. There is no better beverage than this gin for the man you love on your anniversary.

Bombay Sapphire Gin has a distinctive light blue bottle
Bombay Sapphire Gin is one of the biggest gin brands in the world

For Her

Pendant Necklace

The neck is one of the most attractive, delicate parts of a woman’s body, and you might want to enhance your beloved’s beauty with a sapphire engagement pendant necklace. 

This luxurious jewelry has an elegant design and a graceful look that no one can resist. It also gives her joy, confidence, calmness, and the feeling of being loved. 


Perfume makes women more charming, attractive, and scented. Giving your beloved a lavish blue sapphire bottle of perfume is a great way to express how much you love and miss their scent. The deep blue color of the bottle makes it royal and elegant, like the items used by the Queens. 


Go to your favorite flower shop, pick fresh blue iris carefully, and choose vintage wrapping paper. Pick up a gift card and write your warm wishes to her. Come home with a bouquet of gorgeous fresh blue iris to make her surprised, and she will understand your faith, effort, and devotion. 

For Parents


A package of fine tea might not be luxurious, but a meaningful gift you want to give your parents on their 45th wedding anniversary. You want to remind them of teatime – a cozy time when your family gathers around and shares your thoughts. 

The sapphire earl grey tea, which follows the main theme of this anniversary, is the most suitable one to consider. 


A vase symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and nourishment. Giving your parents a diamond sapphire vase symbolizes your wish for them to be more wealthy, healthy, and have a long-lasting marriage. 

For Friends

Champagne Bucket And Flutes

It’s your friend’s 45th wedding anniversary, and you have a reason to celebrate. You have been with them since the beginning, witnessed every story, and appreciated their true love for each other. Their happiness is also your happiness.

A champagne bucket with a set of champagne flutes is a great idea for a celebration. It’s time to crack open the champagne, cheer, and make wishes to your happy friends. 

Luxurious Hamper

A more formal gift for your friend’s anniversary is a luxurious selection hamper. Of course, you should carefully choose items based on your friend’s favorites so that your friend will know how much you appreciate their significant milestone and you are happy for them.

How To Celebrate 45th Wedding Anniversary 

All good and bad memories, ups and downs for the past 45 years will once again arise on a special occasion. Wherever you celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary, ensure to spend your day at a warm, cozy, peaceful place so that nothing can disturb you.

It could be at a five-star restaurant that both of you have never come to. 

Book a good position and tell the waiter to keep it as private as possible. Have your table decorated with candles, flowers and prepare your gifts carefully in advance. Then, take your spouse to the place, make warm wishes and give presents before enjoying the meal, recalling all memories you have made together. 

It could be at home with your children. 

Why don’t you celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary at your own home with your beloved children? They must be grown up now, and it’s time to reunite family to relive memories altogether at this peaceful place. 

Prepare all the ingredients, decorate the dining table, and cook dishes with the help of your children. Talk with them, share your thoughts, show your love to your spouse and children on this whole anniversary day. 

Then, mealtime is the most significant. Make wishes to your spouse, give him/her the gifts, and start celebrating a joyful occasion with your family. Your 45th wedding anniversary will never be more meaningful than this. 

Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

For Him

A violet 45th anniversary card for him
A happy 45th anniversary card for him
Another violet 45th anniversary card for him
Another happy 45th anniversary card for him

For Her

A yellow 45th anniversary card for her
A happy 45th anniversary card for her
Another yellow 45th anniversary card for her
Another happy 45th anniversary card for her

For Parents

A green 45th anniversary card for parents
A green happy 45th anniversary card for parents
Another green 45th anniversary card for parents
Another happy 45th anniversary card for parents

For Friends

A violet 45th anniversary card for friends
A happy 45th anniversary card for friends
Another violet 45th anniversary card for friends
Another happy 45th anniversary card for friends

45th Wedding Anniversary Images, Posters



Unique And Different Gift Ideas


Traveling is always a special idea for any wedding anniversaries. 

If you want something new and different, a getaway trip to an antique palace of England is a great choice. 

Make a plan, get tickets and a tour to London to visit Buckingham Palace, the most famous Royal Palace in England. The theme of the 45th wedding anniversary is sapphire that represents royalty, so it’s reasonable to visit a palace to enjoy its elegance and nobility.

What about the gift? 

Don’t worry; we have a plan for this. What could be more romantic than giving your spouse a sapphire gift while immersed in the regal ambiance of a magnificent palace and imagining the royal life of the long-gone Kings and Queens? This will certainly give them goosebumps right away. 

Flowers Arranging Class

Signing up for a class of flowers arranging is a unique idea you can take for your wedding anniversary. 

Instead of giving a bouquet of blue iris to your beloved, you might take them to the class and learn how to arrange flowers properly and beautifully. Both of you will spend time learning together, gain knowledge about flowers, and then make a lovely bouquet of flowers by yourself.

After finishing the course, you can arrange flowers beautifully to give to your spouse. 

Ticket To A Trip Down Memory Lane

What is your favorite band? What is your beloved’s favorite band?

If you share the same music taste, it’s wonderful to come to a concert of your favorite band from the past. 

Get a ticket, make a plan, and be ready to relive memories of the good old days, your youth, and your passion. 

Push your hand up on the concert
A ticket to a concert of your favorite band is a special gift


We are happy to help you celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary – one of the most important milestones in your marriage life. Whatever the plan is, it’s you who will do it with your full heart, effort, love, and appreciation to make a memorable anniversary for your faithful beloved. 

We wish you a happy 45th wedding anniversary!

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