Best Ideas For Your 49th Wedding Anniversary

49th wedding anniversary

With only a year until the massive marital milestone of the golden married anniversary at 50 years of joyful marriage, numerous couples overlook their 49th wedding anniversary

Still, you should show your dear ones how wonderful and essential they are to you by giving them a gift, which is not just considerate but truly significant. 

We have some wonderful options for an enduring and memorable 49th-anniversary present that will delight and impress your wife/husband. Let’s get started right away! 

49th Wedding Anniversary Stone

Zircon seems to be the traditional 49th wedding celebration gemstone. Venus, the ancient goddess of love and marriage, benefits those who carry this gemstone with more prosperity and understanding in their marriage. Additional attributes of zircon include the ability to attract honor, success, wisdom, and prosperity. 

49th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For Him

  • Watches

Most long-married partners will appreciate an elevated designer brand of watch. Select a matching set for you and your partner, and consider having an anniversary date and initials engraved on their back for a more personalized touch. 

2 Luxury Watches
A Luxury Watch For Your Man
  • Luxury Experiences

Arrange a personal limousine trip around town, perhaps a helicopter buzz flies over some local sites, or prepare a romantic private glider breakfast wine to give your beloved partner a flavor of the celeb lifestyle. What could be a greater gift than a momentous occasion? 

Toasting in the sunset
Champagne Celebration As A 49th Anniversary Gift

For Her

  • Pampering

Why not plan a spa day for her as the ultimate 49th-anniversary special gift? A couple of massage treatments is the ideal indulgence, allowing you and your wife to reconnect and spend quality time together. 

A couple bath spa with a candlelight
A spa day for her as the 49th-anniversary special gift
  • Jewelry 

You may want the high-end appearance of an ornate gold or silver piece or even the encrusted splendor of a stone-studded product, and your 49th anniversary present will be sure to please her.

The gold necklaces on the girl's neck
Gold Jewelry – 49th anniversary present will be sure to please her

For Parents And Grandparents

  • Dining

Organize a special supper at a fine dining establishment for the long-married couple to celebrate their anniversary. With a fantastic supper with a lot of champagne and family members, this couple will have so many joyful memories to look back on in the future. 

A Special dinner with a lot of champagne and family members
A family dinner for celebrating 49th anniversary
  • Traveling 

Why don’t you plan a luxurious dream vacation for your parents or grandparents as a memorable 49th wedding anniversary present? 

A weekend spent being pampered inside a five stars hotel or even on a cruise will be an excellent way to commemorate this occasion and might perfectly fit the customary themes of their special year.

The sunset with the big family on the beach
Travel time with family is also a memorable 49th wedding anniversary present

For Friends

  • Ornaments

Whatever the anniversary, it is possible to present the couple with something for their house. After 49 years of marriage, there are unlikely any practical products that your friends and their partner desire extremely. However, helpful homewares such as lovely dishes or cups are certain to be warmly appreciated while serving as an enduring remembrance of their important anniversary. 

The dishes and cups in the basket
Lovely dishes and cups as anniversary gifts

How To Celebrate 49th Wedding Anniversary

According to your preferences, it could range from a luxury cruise to a 5-star hotel pampering or just a dual-person hammock simply for your patio if you have basic tastes. 

A classic bottle of red wine or fine port, shared with friends and paired by a delicious Stilton in a high-end restaurant, may also be your regal treat. 

If you’ve got a sweet craving, the chocolate handmade Belgians are accompanied by romantic tear-jerkers on TV at home. Therefore, if you’re looking for some sweet things for your 49th-anniversary celebration, handcrafted Belgium chocolate can be a magnificent present.

49th Wedding Anniversary Cards

You can congratulate your partner and convey your best wish for a happy and loving life by giving a wedding anniversary card. Although if your marriage day was long ago, your special card could remind your lovebirds of the wonderful day, making them feel very special. 

Here are some attractive cards for your consideration:

49th wedding anniversary love card
49th wedding anniversary love card

This gorgeous card is great for sending to your parents or grandparents due to its lovely design with delicate purple and yellow color tone. The quote on this card will remind them of their love, their time spent together, and all that their 49-year marriage has offered them. 

49th Wedding Anniversary Husband Card
Romantic 49th Wedding Anniversary for Husband Card

This is a beautiful and romantic 49th wedding anniversary card for your loved one. You may add an image to make this card one-of-a-kind. A red heart surrounded by red roses will accentuate your photo and make it feel more personal as if it was created just for your darling only. 

Happy 49th Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes

For Him

  • “Our souls, whatever they are composed of, are the same.” – Emily Bront
  • “All love tales are lovely, but ours is my personal favorite.” – Anonymous
  • “You didn’t whisper into my ear, but into my heart. You didn’t kiss my lips, but my spirit.” – Judy Garland

For Her

  • “Age with me; the best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning 
  • “In life, the finest thing to hang onto is us.” – Audrey Hepburn 
  • “When I chase my heart, it always leads me back to you.” – Anonymous

For Parents And Grandparents 

  • “There is life where there is love.” – Mahatma Gandhi 
  • “Most people do not believe in “forever,” but seeing your never-ending love helps me believe in it.” – Anonymous 
  • “Marriage is the diamond ring on a chain that begins with a glance and ends with Eternity.” – Kahlil Gibran

For Friends 

  • “There is no better feeling for a guy than entering a door at the end of each day realizing someone behind the other side is waiting for him.” – Ronald Reagan
  • “Love seems to be something timeless; the appearance may change, but the essence does not.” – Vincent Van Gogh 
  • “You know you’re in love if you can’t sleep since reality has finally surpassed your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

Something Different & Unique

Another spectacular anniversary landmark is still about 12 months away, but 49 years married is also fairly amazing. Below are some unique suggestions of ways to celebrate your big day.

  • Indulge in afternoon tea with exquisite sandwiches and delicious chocolate éclairs and macaroons placed on the multi-tiered bone china dessert stand at the Ritz. 
  • Splurge on made-to-order shoes and expensive clothing to exude luxury the next time you venture out together. 
  • Maybe it’s time to entertain yourself with a truly luxurious vacation, such as a cruise to Antarctica or perhaps a weekend break to Monaco by personal plane.

Question And Answer

What Is A Traditional Gift For A 49th Wedding Anniversary?

Copper seems to be the customary present for this anniversary. Cu is the chemical representation for copper, which is interesting (maybe it stands for Cupid). 

According to ancient alchemists, copper had been linked to Venus, the planet of romance, and was supposed to guide people in all issues of relationship, romance, and unity. 

It seems fitting for a married couple who has thrived for 49 years as husband and wife! 

What Is The 49th Anniversary Flower?

Purple orchids are much more exotic and delicate than other flowers, making them the ideal floral gift. 

Stunning Purple Orchids 
Purple orchids are the ideal floral gift

Whereas the blooms fall, the plant goes into dormancy and can rebloom with sufficient attention and care. 

Meaning: They have come to symbolize luxury since the 1800s. There are numerous sorts and colors to choose from, including nearly all colors of a rainbow, which represent hope, luck, hope, and love. 

Message: “You are delicate, gorgeous, and precious, exactly like these orchids, which reminded me of you.”


Every anniversary is wonderful in its way. You get to make more beautiful memories with your near and dear ones if you take the time and care to celebrate. And, by including some unique anniversary gifts, you may make it even more meaningful and memorable. 

We hope that our advice might assist you in finding the appropriate gift for your, your parents’ or your friends’ 49th wedding anniversary

Thank you for taking the time to read. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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