37 Gifts And Ideas For The Perfect 52th Anniversary Celebration

52th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Everyone celebrates the Golden Wedding Anniversary in the 50th year, but making it to the 52th anniversary is a wonderful milestone. This rarity alone is all the reason you need to celebrate the occasion with a perfect gift.

We know it can be hard to shop from the endless list of options, so we have created this article with 37 ideas to help you decide faster. Whether it is dedicated to your soulmate, parents, or even grandparents, there is a heartfelt gift for your unforgettable moments together.

52th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

Throughout history, we have been celebrating the Golden Anniversary since the 1920s. Since the 52nd mark does not have a significant gap from the 50th year, it was not acknowledged in the old days.

Nowadays, although the 52nd wedding anniversary does not have a distinctive theme, it is celebrated with a gold theme with a mix of pastel colors. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, sometimes the gift has a blend of a dark or brown background.

52th Wedding Anniversary Stone

As we are gradually accepting the 52th year, we have chosen the star ruby as the gemstone for this occasion. In many cultures, ruby is considered a symbol of good health, pure love, and prosperity.

A clean-cut ruby reflects the sun with clear, shiny beams of light. Gold or silver can pair with this eternal gemstone to make royal jewelry. When placed in the marriage celebration context, ruby symbolizes a happy marriage that withstands the test of time.

About 52nd Wedding Anniversaries

Couples tend to celebrate anniversaries with a romantic dinner or a weekend holiday. However, on this once-in-a-lifetime day, going back to basics may spark surprising moments. Nothing shows dedicated love more than a gift custom-made with your unique features.

This is also a chance for children to show gratitude and love to their parents and grandparents since they learn the first life lessons from the family. The gifts will surely fill the 52th anniversary party at home with heart-warming stories and laughter.

52th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

We have categorized the gifts to suit your purpose. Let’s dive into the list!

For Him

#1 For the passionate brewers

The easy-to-use kit for the passionate brewers
The easy-to-use kit for the passionate brewers

If your spouse knows how to enjoy good craft beer, then this easy-to-use kit is the best choice. Get ready to experiment with over 100 recipes together, add in a cold cut platter or BBQ to enjoy the delicacy to the fullest!

#2 A legendary celebration

A series of classic cars
A series of classic cars in Hot Wheels 52th anniversary

Similar to how the 52th date comes and goes, this Hot Wheels 52th anniversary Pearl and Chrome series collectible set holds a special meaning for every die-hard fan.

Hot Wheels features a series of classic cars, from the 1932 Ford to the Volkswagen T2 pickup, all ready to shine on your display shelf.

#3 Tell stories of your travels around the world

The fun scratch-on map
The fun scratch-on map will become your ultimate travel diary

Relive your travel stories together with this fun scratch-on map. From watching the sunset at the beach, energetic hiking time, to unbelievable moments on the road, this map will become your ultimate travel diary.

This gift is one of the best ideas for couples to hang on the wall for more storytime with the children to come!

#4 Show off with matching t-shirts

Black couple t-shirts
Matching couple t-shirts for your 52nd anniversary

Couple t-shirts are not just for young love. Matching t-shirts for your 52nd anniversary simply look adorable. Plus, it is a fun, lasting memento that you can bring anywhere and even create new memories together.

For her

#5 Customize your ruby rings

True love grows on like the eternal shine that ruby represents. With custom jewelry made by Ruby, you can choose from a wide selection of accessories to pair with the finest gemstones, creating a unique gift that your soulmate will love.

Begin detailed customization of your rings (link to Ruby jewelry)

#6 Travel around the world with a sweet treat

exotic chocolate truffles
The exotic chocolate truffles box is a wonderful gift

With every bite of these exotic chocolate truffles, you will experience the taste of flavors around the world. These truffles are made with top-tier ingredients and a dash of herbs and spice. Each flavor also comes with tasting suggestions to ensure you have a wonderful dinner.

#7 Love shines as bright as gold

a bouquet of gold-dipped roses
A bouquet of gold-dipped roses symbolizes eternal beauty

Roses symbolize eternal beauty, just like how your love story has proved to last through the ups and downs of life. Make it into a bouquet of gold-dipped roses blended with ruby tone to present your lifelong journey together.

#8 Relive the first dance right at home

a vinyl record
A vinyl record will bring the memories to life

The first dance is the most expected moment of the wedding, and it is certainly the most alive memory as the years go by. It was a joyful night shared with your friends and family, and most importantly, the partner of your life. Bring the memories to life with a vinyl record made just for you.

For parents

#9 Family photo album

Family photo album
Family photo album with the wooden cover

You can create this meaningful gift by yourself or with the help of your siblings. While you add photos in this scrapbook, don’t forget to write heartfelt stories that your family shared.

The wooden cover with printed name makes the family keepsake unique and ready to store new memories in the future.

#10 Wedding vows portrait

Wedding vows portrait
The portrait with their vows engraved neatly on the frame

This gift requires a bit of effort in finding your parents’ vows, but the result is worth it. Upon seeing the portrait with their vows engraved neatly on the frame, your parents will cry tears of joy while remembering their wedding day.

#11 Build a mini home spa

full set of head-to-toe care at home
Full set of head-to-toe care at home enhances healt

Attentive body care is proven to enhance both physical and mental health. With this full set of head-to-toe care at home, your parents can relax completely for better sleep. The aroma from natural ingredients also makes a refreshing wake-up call every day, an invitation to enjoy life to the fullest.

#12 Family photo puzzle

family's most memorable photo
The family’s most memorable photo will bring you a fun time

Travel back in time with this puzzle of your family’s most memorable photo. It can be a photo from your weekend holidays, a surprise trip to visit your siblings in college, or any major milestone in your life. Whichever the choice is, this puzzle will bring you a fun time.

For grandparents

#13 Gourmet gift basket

a food basket
A food basket is a exquisite selection

Even if you are not sure about your grandparents’ preferences in food, this basket can serve both sweet and savory choices. The exquisite selection of fine food will bring your grandparents a happy celebration time.

#14 Family doormat

The fun doormat
The fun doormat with the family name

Sign this gift with the family name and show it off at your grandparents’ house. The fun doormat does not only offer a warm welcome to all guests but also makes the children feel at home even when they visit after a long time.

#15 Tell stories with the classic fountain pen

a classic fountain pen
A classic fountain pen used to be the traditional gift for wedding anniversaries

Did you know that a fountain pen used to be the traditional gift for wedding anniversaries? Covered in an elegant design, this lightweight pen accompanies your grandparents in writing family stories worth telling that will become the priceless keepsake.

#16 A lovely tea time

A mug with your family photo
A mug with your family photo printed on it

A mug with your family photo printed on it will remind your grandparents of unconditional love when they sip the warm morning tea. If your grandparents are not fond of hot drinks, then this mug can hold warm milk for the children to enjoy with cookies on their next visit.

How To Celebrate The 52th Wedding Anniversary

Besides homemade dinner and gifts, it is a great idea to plan a trip to the place where you have the best memories, such as where you met for the first time.

If the destination has a retreat nearby, you can consider booking a relaxing getaway. After all, your life-long adventure together deserves a blissful break time.

Happy 52th Wedding Anniversary Wishes And Quotes

A card with wishes from your heart makes the gift more significant, especially when your party includes an anniversary cake. Here are our suggestions of warm wishes for the 52nd wedding anniversary:

For him

#17 The start of forever

I believe everything happens for a reason. On the day I met you, my reason was to build our life together. Thank you for loving me for who I am.

#18 The true meaning of falling in love

It’s easy to fall in love but staying with each other through the ups and downs is the true challenge. Thank you for our adventures together during these 52 wonderful years.

#19 Add a bit of fun to the wishes

After all these years, I’m glad we are still enjoying every day together, even when we have seen both our best and worst sides. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

#20 True love conquers the test of time

As each year passes by, I believe our love has grown stronger than the test of time. Thank you for showing me eternal love even in the hardships we have endured together.

For her

#21 The joy of growing old together

Waking up every day to the love of my life is the best thing I could ever have. 52 years is a short time when I spent it with you.

#22 A dream made possible

I didn’t know it was possible to love a person more every day until the day I met you. Happy anniversary, with all my love.

#23 A love brighter than the sun

Just like how the sun lights up every morning, you light up my world. Happy anniversary and cheers to our next mornings together.

#24 Living the dream every day

Even after 52 years, I didn’t think I could love you more, but my love only grows every day. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

For parents

#25 True love lasts forever

Thank you for keeping me believe in true love. I hope you have more blissful years to come. Happy anniversary!

#26 First lessons for the children

Your journey taught me that love is built together by two wonderful people with patience, support, and empathy. I hope to have a home like you one day. Happy anniversary!

#27 The antique of time

Your marriage becomes a refined antique with every passing year, and it is a priceless love story. Happy anniversary!

#28 The real meaning of luck

Thank you for growing our family with love. I’m so lucky to have you both as my wonderful parents. I hope every day you will be filled with joy and laughter!

For friends

#29 A symbol of eternal love

Wishing the happiest anniversary to the perfect fair, together now and forever!

#30 A sincere and lovely wish

May your lives together be filled with more happiness every day.

#31 A love story beyond extraordinary

Happy anniversary to your timeless love, dear friend. May your love grow bigger each day.

#32 Proof that soulmates are real

Your love story proves forever is real with the right person. Happy anniversary!

Something Different & Unique

In the next section, take a step up from the regular floral ideas and jewelry ideas to choose a unique gift for your celebration. These ideas are friendly for the parents or grandparents to use in their daily life.

#33 Inspiring musical notes with wine glasses

The grape wine glasses
Wine glasses are indispensable in the party

The seemingly mundane wine glass can now bring music to the home. With enough people attending, you can even form a concert while relishing your favorite wine.

#34 Take a nostalgic trip back to the old days

A reel viewer once
A reel viewer once brings back memories

The reel viewer once had its prime when it was first introduced in the market. In the modern days, you can still experience happy times with your spouse or family, from the children’s first birthday cake to family road trips.

#35 A romantic picnic at home

A heart-shaped board with wine glass holders
A heart-shaped board with wine glass holders

This heart-shaped board with wine glass holders allows you to serve anything you like, from the classic cheese and wine combination to a healthy breakfast. One of the best activities is having a picnic in the backyard as you watch the sunset together with your significant other.

#37 Clean the house with technology

Clean the house with Robotic Vacuums
Robotic Vacuums is a modern gift

This modern gift does the amazing job of removing the hassle of house cleaning and maximizes convenience level with the voice control function. Gift this to your parents or grandparents and watch how it gives them extra free time to enjoy their hobbies.

Rubies: Just the Facts!

No matter the size and occasion, jewelry is an elegant gift. Since ruby stands for timeless love, a piece of jewelry decorated with this gemstone makes the 52nd wedding anniversary more significant than its original story.

Custom-made jewelry from Ruby has quality cut gemstone to emphasize color and clarity. Each design is crafted by the brand themselves, meaning every beautiful ruby jewelry gift is unique. Why not keep this beautiful milestone as a refined piece you can hold close to your heart?


We hope this article can help you choose the right 52th anniversary gift to celebrate heartfelt moments that last for a lifetime.

Whenever you are lost, we’d suggest coming back to the gold theme, and this counts for gift wraps, too! The gift can be as simple as a photo album or a sophisticated piece of ruby jewelry, and it can still show your love and dedication for the receiver.


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