The Best 55th Wedding Anniversary Ideas And Gifts

55th wedding anniversary

Are you in search of the 55th wedding anniversary ideas and gifts? Whether you want to celebrate your anniversary with your partner or spoil your parents on their memorable day, you will find great ideas and gifts right here! 

It takes a tight bond and eternal love for a couple to  be together for over half a century. Some items on our list are inspired by traditional gifts for occasions, while others are chosen for providing unforgettable indulgence. 

Our ideas are helpful for you to seek a perfect present for this special day. Are you tempted to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

55th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

When it comes to the wedding anniversary gift, you might know about “anniversary materials” – the symbols associated with annual wedding milestones. Accordingly, the symbol for the 55th wedding anniversary is the emerald stone.

55th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift

The traditional representation of the 55th wedding anniversary is the beautiful deep green gemstone – emerald. This precious stone symbolizes commitment and eternity, making perfect sense for a long-lasting marriage. 

For over 4,000 years, people have been enchanted by emerald’s rich green color. The beauty and hardness of this gemstone make it perfect for use in jewelry. Certainly, you are not restricted to using emerald presents. 

There are lots of gift ideas for the 55th anniversary. We have compiled some of our favorite gift ideas below.

55th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Below are two pick cards for the 55th wedding anniversary.

#1. Christian Emerald 55th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Featuring the vintage style with the emerald green and gold tones, this card will be a great option for you to deliver meaningful messages to your partners, parents, or grandparents.

Happy 55th Anniversary Cards
Christian Emerald 55th Wedding Anniversary Cards

#2. Personalized EMERALD Wedding Anniversary Card

A simple but nice card idea you can easily make by yourself to send to your beloved ones.

Personalized EMERALD 55th Wedding Anniversary Card

About 55th Wedding Anniversaries

The 55th anniversary possibly does not boast a traditional symbolic name in any marriage folklore. Still, it’s determined with a great gift theme. 

For various spouses, it’s referred to as the “Emerald Anniversary”. Just like the precious gemstone emerald, a marriage lasting for 55 years is quite rare indeed. The couple, family members, and friends should ensure this big day is celebrated in a glittering style.

55th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

#1. Incorporate Traditional Gift Into Decorations

You can incorporate your gift into the party decoration, such as the platters to serve food or the flavors handed out to the guests.

#2. Use Traditional Flowers For Floral Arrangements

The traditional flower of the 55th anniversary is calla lily. You can utilize these flowers to add a pop of color to your party.

#3. Decorate With Wedding Photos

It is a great idea to use your wedding photos to decorate the party. Select your favorite images with memorable moments and get them printed. You can hit a shop to buy some frames and paint them to match your party tone.

55th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

For Him

#1. Full-Day Driving Trail With Classic Car

If your husband is into classic automobiles, allow him to get behind the wheels of one and take the car for a spin. You can consider joining him in one of three classic cars on an exciting full-day driving trail through the hills. 

Each trip provides incredible scenes, the opportunity to enjoy lunch in a quaint pub or gorgeous restaurant, and chances for photos.

#2. Silver And Emerald Cufflinks

If you are strictly traditional by presenting your partner a gift including real emeralds, this silver and emerald cufflink might be a great choice. 

Silver And Emerald Cufflinks
55th Wedding Anniversary Gifts with Silver and Emerald Cufflinks

The cufflink comes with a unique emerald directly extracted from the emerald rough. It is understated and attractive that your partner will adore this great addition to his wardrobe.

#3. Green Alligator Bifold Wallet

Are you seeking a gift for the 55th anniversary inspired by the emerald green color? We think this billfold wallet from HATA is a good idea. 

The stylish and elegant design features various card slots, slip pockets, and note compartments. This alligator leather wallet oozes style and luxury.

#4. Vintage Green Tie

The vintage green tie is a great idea to spoil the man who does not mind adding some old-school features to his appearance. There is no shortage of manufacturers in vintage accessories and clothing. 

We are glad to share one of our favorites ones is this plain vintage tie. It boasts a classic design with woven or satin material, great for every formal occasion without additional accessories.

For Her

#1. Emerald And Gold Ring

If you would like to take a traditional gift to your 55th wedding anniversary, it is ideal for giving her a present of jewelry, including emerald gemstone. We highly adore the Peora Gold And Emerald Ring in 14-carat white gold. Resembling the shape of a heart, the emerald stone features the rich forest green color with brilliant sparkle. It is a great gift that is as exquisite as your wife is.

Peora Gold And Emerald Ring in 14-carat white gold
Peora Gold And Emerald Ring in 14-carat white gold for your wife

#2. Green Emerald Vase

If you seek a green gift idea for the 55th anniversary that does not involve gemstone, a decorative gift might be a great choice. We highly recommend the LIONWEI LIONWELI Green Gold Flower Vase.

Green Gold Flower Vase - Gorgeous hand-blown vase
Green Gold Flower Vase – Gorgeous hand-blown vase

She will love this gorgeous hand-blown vase without or with blooms. Still, if you actually want to delight your wife, it is best to fill it with beautiful flowers and a green plant for her.

#3. New Apple Watch Series 6

Let’s spoil her with a smartwatch from the Apple Watch Series 6. A user-friendly smartwatch with a customizable wristband is an ideal gift for those who are tech-savvy and on the go.

Ping Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6 – A gift for those who are tech-savvy and on the go

#4. Leather Bag

You know, most women love bags. It is a safe choice to delight your woman on the 55th wedding anniversary. This TORY BURCH HANDBAG radiates timeless elegance and can go with various outfits.

Brown Leather Handbag
TORY BURCH Leather Handbag

For Parents

#1. Pebble Art Print

A cool pebble art print is a sentimental emerald gift for your parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. The pebble art by Mangolia is one of our favorites. It is made with pebbles, dried grass, woods and boasts a heart made of rich green tones of emerald stone.

Art Print with pebbles, dried grass, woods
A cool pebble art print by Mangolia

#2. Photo Set

Another great gift to give your parents on this special day is a set of photos featuring the tones of emerald green stone. This chic wall art from White Orchid prints will make any space immediately more vibrant.

A set of photos with emerald green stone
A set of photos featuring the tones of emerald green stone


#1. Personalized Decorative Object

You can give this vintage emerald sundial to your grandparents on their anniversary, which can be customized to the wedding date. This handmade present can add a personalized touch to the garden or indoor decor.

55th wedding anniversary vintage emerald sundial
55th wedding anniversary sundial

#2. 55 Years Married Together Porcelain Plate

This 3dRose porcelain plate comes with white porcelain with two 24-carat gold rims. It is a great gift to commemorate the 55th wedding anniversary.

55th wedding anniversary 3dRose white porcelain plate with two gold rims
55th wedding anniversary 3dRose porcelain plate with 24-carat gold rims

Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary, Wishes, Quotes

For Him

  • #1. Because there’s no more you. There’s no more anniversary.
  • #2. In 55 years together, you’ve shared so many things. That’s why this very special anniversary brings to you a wish that love, laughter, joy, contentment too will be yours to share throughout the years ahead of you!
  • #3. Our wedding was 55 years ago. The celebration continues to this day.
  • #4. Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity. 
  • #5. I have heard that whoever loves is in no condition old.

For Her

  • #1. We have changed over the years, but the sparkle in your eyes is as bright as ever, and my love for you is even stronger.
  • #2. Our 55th wedding anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together.
  • #3. If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.
  • #4. We began as strangers. We became friends. We became one with each other…We remain as one forever.
  • #5. Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. 

For Parents

  • #1. Warmest congratulations and sincere best wishes on your Emerald Wedding Anniversary. May your beautiful and admirable union be richly blessed, and your love grow stronger! Cheers and abundant blessings as you celebrate your 55 Years of Marriage
  • #2. Mom and Dad,

For 55 years, you have been the ones who showed us how to live. Your marriage demonstrates it best how to love and how to give.

You always had a helping hand, a smile, and a dose of cheer; Your selfless, sweet devotion kept us sheltered, year by year.

You have dealt with lifelike champions for half a century now; You have blessed all those who know you; Mom and Dad, please take a bow!

  • #3. A partnership like yours is rare; 55 years you’ve been together! You’ve always been a loving team in sunny and stormy weather.

Nothing can tarnish your lasting love; At 55 years, you’re emerald. Your affection shines as you go through the years, with each other to love and to hold.

  • #4. That you arrived at 55 years together is due as much to luck as to love and a talent for knowing when you stumble, where to fall, and how to get up again. 
  • #5. 55 years is quite a while for most good things to last; But you’re still together and still in love; You must share a wonderful past.

We celebrate you this wonderful day and hope that your bond keeps on growing; You’re a pair we should study and do what you say, ‘Cause your secret is well worth the knowing!


  • #1. A wedding anniversary is a celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. 
  • #2. Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.
  • #3. We’ve admired you since your wedding; We appreciate the joy you’ve been spreading. We know just where you’re heading…for nothing but more smooth sledding! Of years, you’ve accumulated fifty; We think that’s really nifty! With love, you’re never thrifty; You’re really special if you catch our drifty.
  • #4. They call 55 years the Emerald Anniversary; the two of you shine and are great examples of what a marriage should be.
  • #5. One by one, each year flew by. Since you both said ‘I do.’ Fifty-five years of memories, shared by the two of you. From big events and holidays. To simple daily pleasures, some tearful times along life’s way, some joys that can’t be measured…One by one, each year is now gone, but still, they’re yours forever…Each and every memory of 55 years together! 

55th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

#1. Damask 55th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

This invitation features an iconic emerald color with various custom images, patterns, fonts, and styles. This attractive and elegant invitation card also allows you to add your own photos and text to both sides.

#2. 55th Anniversary Photo Green Invite

There are 12 paper types, six shape options, and two printing options to design this card to perfectly match you.

#3. Damask 55th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green Gold 

This Damask 55th Emerald Gold invitation features an elegant faux gold and vintage green design paired with damask patterns. It uses script font for the text in the invitation. Let’s cheer for 55 years!

#4. 55th Anniversary with Photo Emerald Green Invitation

Personalize your invitation by adding a photo of the couple. This option that comes with a faux gold script font in an emerald, green background might be all you need.

Something Different & Unique

If you seek something unique and different for a 55th wedding anniversary, try our ideas below.  

  • Book a premium boat cruise along the river.
  • Come to Dublin and spend chilled-out hours to amble around the city’s parks.

Try to apply the “7 – 38 – 55” rule. It is a concept about the relationship’s communicating emotions. In particular, it states 7% is via spoken words, 38% via tones of voice, and 55% via body language. 

Irrespective of how you celebrate and what budget you have, an extraordinary present is possible. It is all about precious communicating love.


What Flower Is For The 55th Wedding Anniversary?

Traditionally, the 55th wedding anniversary’s floral symbol is calla lily. The flower’s beauty is associated with chastity, purity, and faith in the Christian religion. Also, the Romans assigned a sensuality meaning to the calla lily. 

Thus, this flower represents both the physical and spiritual sides of a happy marriage. Interestingly, the green rose is an alternative for the 55th anniversary to keep with the emerald color theme.

What Color Is For The 55th Wedding Anniversary?

It’s emerald green. This hue is linked with spring and creativity.

What Is A 55th Wedding Anniversary Called?

As we mentioned above, the 55th wedding anniversary is called Emerald.

Final Thoughts

So you have gone through our 55th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas. We hope our article is helpful for you to choose the best gift for this special day. If you have any further questions or ideas, feel free to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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