personalized wedding cup

As weddings are among the most important events in our life, everyone wishes for it to be as memorable as possible. Even the little things like dining accessories also contribute to the glamor and atmosphere of the event. 

With this in mind, we’ll bring you personalized wedding cups to make your experience more special with a custom touch.

Prepare Personalized Wedding Cups For Everyone

1. personalized wedding cup for MOTHER OF THE BRIDE

We all know that mothers are the true queen of every home and the greatest person in our life. At the wedding party especially, the bride’s mother holds an essential role. She is one of the hosts that carry lots of duties from pre-planning and during the reception. She can help with certain details, acting as a spotter for both family members and guests. The mother of the bride is definitely a rock to rely on throughout the entire process. For that, she deserves thoughtful gifts. 

Let’s make her feel special by giving her your personalized mug. A simple loving quote would deliver all you want to say to her.

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Much like Bridesmaids, groomsmen normally are the closest friends and relatives invited by the groom. They serve as a support system for the groom. Throughout the party, they have many duties to do like assisting in planning the ceremony, welcoming guests, etc. This means that they’ve become a huge part of your memorable event. Why don’t you thank them by assisting you so well with a mug that has some special touch on it?

A personalized gift with quotes that only you guys understand would be his best reward!

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Typically, bridesmaids are young women who have a close relationship with the bride, such as her best friends or family members. Their main role is to assist the bride with amazing ceremony planning tasks and provide additional help when needed. 

Besides, they take responsibility for other various pieces contributing to a dream marriage ceremony. Specially chosen as they are, they deserve the best service. It’s your chance to show your gratitude towards them with a customized mug!

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4. for GROOM

Together with the bride, the groom is the male focal point on this important day. From this day on, a boy turns into a man. He will be responsible for his partner for the rest of his life. To build a warm house, the groom should start by arranging the reception with the bride as a wish to share all the happiness and sadness coming in the future. 

How great would it be for him to receive meaningful items from his soon-to-be wife? Moreover, this chance won’t come again, make it special by giving him a personalized mug to show him how much you appreciate his presence next to you!

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5. for bride

Undoubtedly, the wedding is a big event for the bride – the female protagonist. It’s when her life turns over a new leaf as she will begin her own life with a new family. Every little thing in the marriage ceremony means a lot to her, so it needs to be well-prepared at any price. Unique eating accessories on the table are necessary as well! 

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6. For groom and bride

Weddings are symbols of love, commitment, and also the foundation of a great home. It is a sacred ceremony, a turning point in a couple’s life. 

Before the marriage ceremony, lovers tend to share many goods to express their love, such as clothes, necklaces, rings, and other items. In this spiritual celebration, everything seems to be an expression of love. A pair of customized mugs will do the job perfectly.

Wedding Cups Ideas

On top of the specially designed cups we have introduced, we help you save time by giving you various ideas on customizing products for drinking. These personalized items can be ultimate gifts for a marriage ceremony. 

1. Wedding Plastic Cup

Made of plastic, this kind of disposable mug has great uses and comes with an affordable price. If you are looking for something that can help you save the cost, you can consider this option – as you will not have to worry about the mugs breaking during the party. Besides, the plastic mugs can have an attractive look to them. They also come in different sizes and various custom images with a design or monogram. You can choose the color you like or even customize your unique products as you wish.

2. Wedding Wine Cup

wedding wine cup idea

Normally, wine is an indispensable beverage in a marriage ceremony, and it is often served in a glass. The glassware that you opt for can create a real difference. 

Specifically designed for whites, reds as well as other fruity ciders, glasses help them be enjoyed to their fullest service. In addition, glass is a 100% recyclable material, so it’s among the best solutions for anyone who favors environmentally-friendly stuff. 

3. Wedding Coffee Cup

Coffee is so popular that you can call it everyone’s favorite hot beverage. Some people even drink a cup of coffee daily, so they will be delighted to get a coffee mug as a memorable gift that they use again and again. 

Brides now focus on practical favors to spend money on something the guests can use even after the party, and coffee cups can fill the bill. 

Your guest will remember your big ceremony whenever they sip their coffee. You can take those mugs extra to a new level by getting the shop personalized before shipping!

4. Wedding Cup Sayings

wedding cup saying

Looking for mugs designed with sayings? It’s definitely a perfect choice! They help you express your gratitude towards your family and friends for attending the ceremony or reception. 

The message to be printed on the mugs is up to you. You can choose meaningful quotes or funny sayings that you like. Free personalization allows you to design unique mugs and add unique quotes. Doing this will for sure create memorable guest favors!

5. Wedding Loving Cup

wedding loving cup

A loving cup is often made of silver and features two handles. Due to its use in many different ceremonies, loving mugs have various meanings and come in many forms. 

One of the most sentimental symbolism is the wedding loving cup used in a marriage ritual. Like a cup of life, wedding loving cups also represent the future of the groom and bride. 

As a result, couples tend to choose the best loving cup that has a unique customized design to mark their big day.

6. Wedding Toast Cup

Wedding toast indicates a traditional custom to wish our newlywed’s health along with prosperity in their marriage. The clinking of the toasting cup can be a way to ward off evil spirits. Commonly, people prefer wine and champagne for toasting since its sweet taste symbolizes their wish for the sweet life of the bride and groom. Choosing personalized toast cups with care can give an elegant touch to your toast.

7. Wedding Souvenir Cup

More on dining accessories, you can prepare mugs as souvenirs for you two lovebirds as well as for the attending guests. Before shipping, you can ask the shop to customize them the way you want: choosing the color, designing the art or monograms, and so on. 

These unique pieces will amaze your guests when they refill their drinks during the reception. Then, the participants can take these pretty gifts home with them as souvenirs. What a great favor!

8 Yugoslavian Wedding Cup

Yugoslavian cups, also known as Shepherd’s Cup, are usually handmade from a piece of hardwood. They are originally traditional wedding cups in the countryside of Yugoslavia. 

Some information resources say that both the bride and groom get their sacraments from this mug throughout the ceremony, while some others reveal that these hand-carved mugs are prepared for guests. Either way, this beautiful vintage item can bring about a wonderful experience!

9. Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup

As you might not know, a Jewish wedding Kiddush cup is a glass of wine or juice over which a blessing is made. In the Jewish marriage ceremony, they drink wine or juice with a prayer of sanctification two times. 

Kiddush mugs are a wonderful way to bond a couple’s family using their heirloom. If there isn’t one, you can begin your family tradition by purchasing a Kiddush cup. 

10. Royal Wedding Cup

royal wedding cup

Buying a Royal Wedding mug is a great way to commemorate the Royal Wedding or celebrate historic events. This bone china mug often features delicate designs with a photograph or art of the couple, special occasions, etc. 

If you are so into the Royals, then you should purchase one as a souvenir to save a wonderful memory.

11. Wedding Ring Cup

At first sight, a ring cup looks like a normal cup. However, if you pay close attention to it, then you will discover this is quite a strange and interesting one. 

Featuring a ring-shaped handle, the mug brings you the feeling of wearing a large ring when slipping fingers through this handle. Plus, the handle can even possess a large crystal. How amazing! A ring cup is surely a unique gift in the engagement or reception that will “wow” everyone.

12. Barovier Wedding Cup

Originally, the Barovier Wedding Cup, named after the most renowned glassblower in the 15th century Angelo Barovier, is a masterpiece of Murano glassware. Simple form as it is, the decorations are stunning with the portrait of the marrying couple in a dream future. 

So famous is this cup that nowadays, people continue to produce a re-edition of a Barovier mug in the same original way. To tell the truth, this sort of cup is one of the best featured gifts for someone’s wedding.


Dining accessories with free personalization allow you to add a custom touch to your dream marriage ceremony. Our list has offered a large variety of personalized wedding cups

We are also glad to give you details about various ideas about these products. Therefore, you can find the most suitable ones from materials to the designs. Don’t hesitate and order yourself the best cups for a perfect event. We wish you a great shopping day and a great wedding party after all!